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ACPM 3chマイクミキサー

ProMIX \15,540 (本体価格 \14,800)


ProMIX Photo





●3 low-impedance XLR mic channels
●3 level controls
●3 phantom power on/off DIP switches
●3 low - frequency cut on/off DIP switches
●A low-impedance balanced XLR line output
●Stereo 1/4" Phones/Aux. output
●Clip LED (fires 3dB below the onset of clipping)
●On/off Power switch , with LED
●Power : 18V DC (Adapter included)
●Output Phantom Power : 12V DC
●Optional 2 x 9V Battery Power yields 18V Phantom Power
●Low Cut: -3dB @ 100Hz
●Input and Output Impedance: 600 ohms
●THD :0.02 %
●Max Output Level: + 14 dB
●Max Input Level: - 14 dB
●Clip Headroom: 3 dB
●Max Gain: + 60 dB
●Dimensions: 143mm x 92mm x 45mm
●Weight : 0.91kg