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ACP2 2ch 12V/48Vファントムパワー供給機

Phantom II ¥10,290 (本体価格 ¥9,800)



Phantom II Photo


Phantom IIは1または2個のコンデンサーマイクに電源を供給します。



●The Phantom II provides Phantom Power for one or two condenser mics.
●A thre e - way 12V/OFF/48V selector switch lets you choose 48V for mics rated at 24 to 48V, 12V for lower-voltage mics or OFF to conserve battery life.
●Power can be supplied by two 9V batteries (included) or an optional AC adapter
●The power LED goes out when the unit is running on batteries and switched OFF, but remains on while an AC adapter is in use.
●Low-noise operation is featured in all modes
●Input Connectors: 2 x XLR female
●Output connectors: 2 x XLR male
●Required batteries: 2 x 9V
●Optional AC adapter: 12V DC
●Size: 144mm x 45mm x 92mm
●Weight : 450g