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ACCC ケーブルテスター

CableCOP \6,090 (本体価格 \5,800)


CableCOP Photo





●Power : 9V battery (included) or optional power adapter.
●Dimensions: 180 mm x 76 mm x 40 mm
●Weight : 454 g
●The CableCOP helps to test all basic types of cables quickly and easily, even with a combination of different ends.
●Connectors include Male and Female XLR, 1/4" balanced / unbalanced ,RCA and MIDI.
●The Left LED indicates pin 1 on Male or Female XLRs, Sleeve (ground) on TRS 1/4" plugs , ground on RCA plugs or pin 4 on DIN5 (MIDI) plugs.
●The middle LED indicates pin 2 on male or female XLRs or the tip on 1/4" or RCA plugs.
●The right LED indicates pin 3 on male or female XLRs, pin 5 on DIN5 (MIDI) plugs or the ring on TRS 1/4" plugs